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RZ consolidated international expertise through decades of experience, supported by strategic partnerships with leading companies with strong market presence and continuous knowledge of the trends, technologies and best practices across verticals.

Our Platform blends together Unified Communication and Workflow Automation functionalities in one platform allowing the Orchestration of Complex Data Driven Business Dynamics of BIG and small Organizations. We leverage the decades of expertise of our renowned Technology Partners.

Embrace the disruptive global market change

Disruptive Innovation theory observes how new innovations create a new market and a new value network, which in turn disrupts an existing market, existing processes and operating models. What often happens with companies is that they stay too close to their existing customers and invest aggressively to retain them, rather than investing to serve the needs of their future customers, and this doesn’t seem to be the right solution…



We play a major role in the transformation of businesses in all industries, covering the major structural issues, including the knowledge transfer, data enablement and cyber security. In a coaching methods, we give priority to the human skills development and making positive impacts coming from within.Our approach is based on the exchange of experiences, sharing knowledge and taking appropriate structural decisions.


Solution Integration

RZ Consulting integrates solutions in the field of information technologies, relying on our renowned network of partners that have tens of customers and references around the globe. We specialize in bringing the right solution or platform to your organization to embrace the market requirements, and develop the required skills required to drive business using these new tools.


Training & Coaching

The unstoppable market growth of today combined with the continuous addition of new tools and models created a gap that has not been addressed. These are the business new requirements. In RZ, we help you develop the skills of your employees, their mindset, agility, performance and ability to adapt to business strategy thanks to our Academy built up with global partnerships and renowned tranining market innovators.

Tuning your corporate culture to match the digital frequency

Many companies struggle with digital transformation. It goes against the grain of established ways of working and is a threat to management practices that have existed for decades. Digital tools free people throughout the organization to share information easily. Communication managers no longer have total control over message, target, and timing of news and announcements. Horizontal and bottom-up information flows become stronger at the expense of the traditional top-down.












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Leadership Team

Nina Mak

Creativity & Devotion to Digital life experience......


Nina Maknine

Partner, Business Development (RZ Consulting MENA, Manama, Bahrain)

Coach, Innovator & Digital Expert...


Jean-Luc Scherer

RZ Innovation Champion (Founder & CEO Innoopolis)

Digital Strategy & Expertise...


Tarek Belghith

CEO & Executive Partner (RZ Consulting MENA, Manama, Bahrain)

Business Consulting, Analysis & Planning champion...


Samir Elotmani

Managing Partner & Senior Consultant (RZ Consulting MENA, Manama, Bahrain)

Innovation & Entreprise Solutions Master...


Jean-Paul Leccia

RZ Europe, Inovaam, Wheritics (Paris, France)

Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Expert...


Walid Kdous

 RZ Africa & Mediterranean, CSI (Tunis, Tunisia)

Collaboration & Contextualization Researcher...


Mehdi Mahmoudi

RZ R&D Partner, Wheritics (Nabeul, Tunisia)

Development & Mobility Master...


Richard Martinez

RZ R&D Partner, AGEA Technologies (Paris, France)

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