Sky is not the limit

Tarek Belghith

CEO & Executive Partner (RZ Consulting MENA, Manama, Bahrain)

Tarek is a trendy entrepreneur and digital revolution expert, he is a praised author of visionary articles as well as a gifted architect of software platforms and business support ideas built and adapted to individual industry applications. Belghith travelled the globe year after year for over a decade, grasping cross-industry learnings and conveying the mysteries of the digital shift evolution from a region to another, from a generation to the next one, with teachings about predictions on the next couple of decades. Today, Tarek is connected to an elite of creatives and talents with various skills, that all converged to build the smart life. Working with his team, Tarek enables his customers to revolutionize their corporate from legacy governance, operational models and strategy into innovation and visionary philosophy.
Tarek holds a Masters’ degree in Communication Networks Engineering from the School of Advanced Studies SSSUP of Pisa, Italy, and a Bachelor’s degree from the Tunisian National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology INSAT, with a research engineering Thesis pursued in CITI research lab at INSA of Lyon, France.
Under Belghith’s leadership,  RZ Consulting is a freshly converted venture that focuses on producing the right ideas, the procedures and the content for clients to consolidate their best future path.