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Today people first search for their queries on the internet rather than looking for books or asking someone. Hence, this has led to the Importance of E-Learning in Education.

RZ Academy offers interactive classes and courses on different topics, skills and subjects that are delivered completely online. Emails, live lectures, and video conferencing are some of the mediums that enable the learners ar RZ Academy to give their views on a particular topic and then discuss them further.

Through e-Learning, video conferencing or live chat, there is a great possibility of acquiring different skills. Static pages like course materials printed for the benefit of all the participants are also made available.

Distance Learning


RZ Academy provides both online learning experience at your own pace, or coached courses by subject matter experts that help you acquire individual business skills for your own development. Our programs are offered across our partner's e-learning platform Yeira, or in live sessions where our faculty members deliver them to individuals, groups or organizations.


RZ Academy emerged when the need of humans has been expressed while they are using internet, virtual meeting tools and social media.

RZ Academy helps people acquire key skills like languages, technology, online, computers and more in a world quickly moving to the digital more, and allowing them to be better adapter for new jobs, tasks and achievements.

You can start by visiting RZ Academy e-Learning

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