Online Events

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RZ Network launched Online Events as an initiative that helps Internet users like you attend amazing events, play, learn technology and modern skills in an easy way, from home through online virtual sessions with digital exprets and other participants that seek fun & knowledge in a continuously transforming virtual world.

Distance Learning


The ultimate mission of our online Events is to help people across the world to get the most of technology tools for learning and having fun, knowing how to manipulate data and discover a new dimension of the online experience.

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RZ Online live sessions entertain and develop the technological knowledge of Internet users and to prepare them for a life where the Internet plays an important role. The handling of personal data and its online security are pillars of digital citizenship.

Besides, RZ Online Events aims to train future digital citizens by helping them discover new areas of expertise and entertainment while they are using internet, virtual meeting tools and social media.

Find out more about our ongoing event at RZ Eventbrite Page

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