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RZ Junior program is brought to our online audiences by RZ Academy, it is offered in the form of interactive classes and courses on online and digital topics for youth audiences. 

Our online sessions are offered on virtual platforms to raise awareness of the young ones about the adoption of digital methods and tools, including without limitation to knowledge about internet history, programming and robotic short educative videos and quizzes full of fun, information and value creation. 

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RZ Junior program offres various workshops that are interrelated and end with an interactive activity and homework for each participant. Our skilled coaches from RZ Academy deliver them to young children that are affilialted to community groups or organizations.

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RZ Junior program by RZ Academy has been requested by communities that felt the urgent need of learning content for children that are using internet, virtual meeting tools and social media without a proper framework.

RZ Junior helps children acquire key technology skills to be able to use online tools, manipulate data in a secure way, and use computers with more responsibility in a world quickly transforming.

You can start by visiting and liking RZ Academy facebook page.

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