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Data Platforms

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Over 82% of today's business happens and grows online while data stands as the pillar of the operations, finances, sales and marketing. Your business needs an industry-specific platform to better run individual tasks, optimize your time, lower your costs and grow your profits. While you take care of your business, RZ Consulting Data architecture team is here to handle it. 

Analysing data



As RZ specialize in technology and data science, our data architects have the expertise to build platforms for every individual industry and task. Subject matter experts and industry professionals feed us everyday with best industry practices and it is our role to utilize them for the benefit of our clients.

Databases and Data platforms empower enterprise-grade applications to ingest, process, automate & act on data in few milliseconds to tap into new revenue streams and prevent revenue loss.

Financial Data


With our customers in industries like finance, medical, community, and many other verticals, RZ Consulting Data architects build custom made Data Platforms that are uniquely designed and positioned to be the go-to tool for any company seeking to take full advantage of 5G, IoT, and whatever comes next.

The ultimate goal for such projects is to boost your business and optimize your spends while shifting your operations to the technology side and develop your in-house skills to open up to new products and services.

You still have the chance to get one of our advisors talk to you and help you identify your next objective.


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