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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This is the heart and soul of RZ Network: Our diverse and talented team is dedicated to empowering connections and transforming businesses by offering comprehensive digital solutions, enhancing online presence, optimizing cybersecurity and other corporate strategies, along with championing and accelerating e-sports for our next generations.

Get to know the amazing individuals behind the scenes who work tirelessly to bring innovation and excellence to every project.

Colleagues in Meeting

Our Story

RZ Network's Evolution: Pioneering Digital Success

Since 1999, RZ Network has been a beacon of innovation, born from a vision to revolutionize business models through technology. From deploying tech solutions in 2005 to forming global partnerships in 2010, we've consistently adapted. The social media rise in 2015 marked a turning point, propelling us to the forefront in the Middle East. The pandemic in 2020 accelerated our shift into a fully digital network, serving clients globally. In 2021, RZ Network Inc. expanded to Canada, and 2022 saw a community-focused expansion, supporting local businesses. RZ's motto is to rise by shifting others, transforming lives and simplifying technology skills globally in a modern world.

Our Pioneers




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Founder & Chairman

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Cheikh Rouhou

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E-Sports Strategist

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Partner, Chief Growth Officer

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